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In RI by Henry Gould, a book-length poem on early New England history and the founding of Rhode Island. It is available in a bilingual edition (English-Italian), translation by Anny Ballardini, 232 pages, Publisher Henry Gould.

Article on my translation of the Notebook of Positano by Arturo Onofri (unpublished): "Arturo Onofri and the Tradition of Pan" (scroll down the page):

Always by Arturo Onofri: New Renaissance with an introduction by Antonio Banfi (about 216 pages; unpublished).

Translator (from English into Italian) and illustrator of On the trail of words, book for children by Larry Jaffe, the first chapters of which are on the following site:

Translator (from English into Italian) and curator of swimming through water, collection of 181 poems by George Wallace; introduction by Paolo Ruffilli, poet; David Amram, composer and multi-instrumentalist; Marco Albertazzi, editor; comment by Mary de Rachewiltz; and Marzio Pierri; note of the translator and interview to the author by A. Ballardini; edited by La Finestra; pages 446:
For a review:

Translations of art catalogues for several artists (among which):

Manifesta 7 Index; Silvana Editrice; ISBN: 9788836611287; 256 pages:

A distinct regard: Gianni Berengo Gardin, City of Bolzano, Peliti Associati, 191 pages:

en:trance for Emanuele Quinz; The Enemies of the Rose - Donald Baechler; catalogues - Stefano Cagol; [background] - Corrado Zeni; + positive curated by Valerio Dehò; Arte in Giardino 04 curated by Mariella Rossi; CIBOXMENTI / GEISTESNAHRUNG / FOOD FOR THOUGHT curated by Paola Tognon; Across; Busoni Music Festival – EU Youth Orchestra; transart 03 – 04 – 05;
Translator for MediaArt and recording voice for the documentary on water.
Regular translator for Work – Art in Progress, magazine published and edited by Galleria Civica di Arte Contemporanea – Trento

Metaphysical Reference by Kenneth Hirst:

Smokestacks Allegro by Rita Cominolli:

Waves by Xao (...) for the publishing house L'Editore under the pseudonym of Fan Chaoliu

Passport to South Africa organized by the cultural provincial office, transcribed and translated 14 short movies for the Contemporary South African Movies section; February 2002.
Translations for artlink,
Translations for Museion,
Two medicine degree thesis (from English into Italian);
One master degree thesis on cromo-therapy and subsequent recording on tape (from Italian into English), as well as all the material related to the previous research;
One pharmacological degree thesis (from English into Italian);
One sociological degree thesis about the history of women (from Italian into English);
One sociological degree thesis regarding HRD (Human Resources Developers);
One thesis in economics: The Development of the real estate business: the influence of internet and the evolution of project financing in the real estate market.
One doctoral paper on Moore’s paradox
Translation of tourists' brochures and leaflets;
Translation of web sites (both from English and from Italian) among which: into English:
Translation into English of the basic structure for the
Brenner Highway (not the updates):

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