Sunday, November 02, 2008



Critica 0 – with Luis Prieto, Umberto Eco, and François Lyotard.
One month on site in Trento for the installation of a typography with the subsequent translation of the two operating manuals (for a total of almost 1000 pages);
Present on site at the Hospital of Trento;
Contracts regarding purchases-sales; i.e. refrigerators and other items.
Simultaneous translation from English into Italian (ethnography) for the Museum of Natural Sciences in Trento.
Simultaneous translation from Italian into English at the Ski Law meeting Skilex 2002 in Sesto Pusteria (Bozen).
Consecutive translation for Cedocs, e-learning meeting, September 2003.
Consecutive translation for Dj. Spooky, that subliminal Kid within Transart3 – 2003
Consecutive translation for Laurie Anderson within Transart3 – 2003

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