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Curriculum Vitae: Anny Ballardini
Duca d'Aosta Street, 79/5
39100 Bolzano - Italy
(0039) 0471 261 987


Born: July 24, 1956, in Cort - Montagne (TN - Italy)
Citizenships: Italian and American


Elementary Schools, New York, U.S.A. (1962-1967)
Middle School "Bresadola" Trento, Italia (1967-1970)
Linguistic Lyceum Marcelline, Bolzano, Italia (1970-75)
Translators and Interpreters Superior School, Florence (languages: English, French, Italian) (1975-1978)
MFA in creative writing at UNO – University of New Orleans (2006-2008)
Recipient of a scholarship for a Doctorate in Anglophony at the University of Studies of Verona starting on January 1, 2010 (written exam: 60/60 - oral 60/60: 160); on the board of examiners:
Professor Cesare Gagliardi, Chair.

October 11, 2000, registered by the Association of Italian Journalists.

Various updating courses as an English teacher (in the past ten years)
Two courses in School Review: Cumpetere (348 hours) (2007-2008) and Cooperare (500 hours) (2006-2007) for the Italian Istituto Pedagogico, South Tyrol, Italy.
On the Albo Docenti di Educazione Permanente (Permanent Education Teachers List) of the autonomous Province of Bolzano, South Tyrol, Italy.

Specialized in technical as well as literary translation.
Member of U.P.T. (Unione Provinciale Traduttori), Provincial Translators Union:
Member of Pen American Center.
Ambassador Award, March 2007.
Premio Papaleoni, sezione narrativa.


Editor and founder of the Poets’ Corner, September 2004:
my statement:
Ghost Dance in 33 Movements by Anny Ballardini; printed: 80 pages. Publisher: Otoliths 2009
ISBN: 978-0-9805096-8-7.
A schooling in experimental cinema happening before our eyes. A screening. Frame upon frame, the seeing I making her way. In these remarkable poems, Anny Ballardini creates an important new space, a new kind of poem—note, notation, response, criticism, a philosophy of our lives as films responding to films, poems made from & making our new dwelling place. "The eye of the camera centers on their hidden hearts." Made of quotation, of citation, of sight, of insight—always the moving site—a dance in many movements. And a fine, inviting, moving dance it is, Anny's Ghost Dance in 33 Movements! —Hank Lazer
Anny Ballardini is the unofficial poet laureate of UbuWeb; from her perch in Italy she has watched the 20th century avant-garde stream through her computer's screen and has taken copious notes on it. These notes—at once literary criticism, poetry, oblique autobiography and amazing eavesdrop—come to us as an idiosyncratic transcript of a cultural and personal archive. This is 21st century ekphrasis written to an art that flickers and sings and sometimes screams. —Susan M. Schultz
Crag Hill’s review of Ghost Dance in 33 Movements on Jacket 37, Editors: Pam Brown and John Tranter:
Opening and Closing Numbers a collection of poems by Anny Ballardini; printed: 174 pages, 7.5" x 7.5", ISBN: 1-4116-6055-2; publisher: Moria Poetry, 2005: Jeff Harrison reviews Opening and Closing Numbers on galatea resurrects #9:
Review by Allen Bramhall of Opening and Closing Numbers:

My blog, Narcissus Works:
A video of the April 23, 2008, reading at Brown University Library Center, with Anny Ballardini, Henry Gould, & Peter S. Thompson. You can view it here.

Guest Poet of the Roger Williams University Creative Writing Program for the Poetry Month, April 2008.