Sunday, November 02, 2008



EXCHANGEVALUES: The Second XV Interviews. Editor: Tom Beckett. Otoliths. 2007.

2: An Anthology of New Collaborative Poetry. Edited by Sheila E. Murphy and M. L. Weber. BookSurge Publishing, 2007:

Fulcrum: an annual of poetry and aesthetics. Number 5, 2006. Edited by Philip Nikolayev and Katia Kapovic:

for a review by Dan Goldston on Jacket 34 see:

Letters to the world: Poems from the WOM-PO Listserv

Poetry Salzburg Review no. 7. Editor Wolfgang Goertschacher. Winter 2004 / 2005:

The Spoon River Poetry Review. Editor Gabriel Gudding. Fall 2004:

The World Healing Book. Editor Birgitta Jonsdottir. 2002:

The Spam Poetry Game - An Anthology of Contemporary Poetry. Publisher: Ontological Museum Publications. Editor: Cecil Touchon. 2008:

H ospite a cura di A.M. Rita Malano, Carlo Martinelli. Niclodi editore, 2004.


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