Sunday, November 02, 2008



Group Leader (15-18 students) of teenagers for three consecutive years, for a stay of three weeks in England and Ireland.
Journalist for the local newspaper Il Mattino until 2006 when it closed down (culture in general, school activities, cinema);
Journalist for the four-monthly magazine: Il Cristallo (culture and artistic events),
October 11, 2000, registered by the Association of Italian Journalists.
Member of U.P.T. (Unione Provinciale Traduttori), Provincial Translators Union:
Organizer of Dialogue among civilizations through poetry, Bolzano 2001:
Interview with Francesco Bonami, curator of the Venice Biennale in 2003:
Speech on October 15 2002 at the Italian Institute of Culture in Bratislava (Slovakia):
Interview with Raymond Pettibon:
Reviews of various artistic events for exibart:
Judge at the poetry competition promoted by Mario Lucini on Poiein: 2 Premio Turoldo, 2003-2004:
Judge for the Cinderella award promoted by the Muncipality of Bolzano 2004:

Review by Allen Bramhall of my Opening and Closing Numbers:
Curator of the section: foreign poets at the Bosco dei Poeti, 2006:

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